Sunday 6 November 2016

time flies

You know what they say.

They say, time flies when you're havin' fun.

But actually, sometimes, time falls when you're havin' fun, too.  Maybe they should start sayin' that.  MOUSES!

So anyway...

So anyway, I heard that in the wee hours of this mornin', the peeps were supposed to turn the clocks back due to that ol' daylight savings time - clock turnin' back thing, or whatever it's called.

And speakin' of daylight savings time...  Is there a special kind of savings account at the bank you're supposed to get for that? And if there is, do you get interest?  And do you get a free calendar, too? Inquirin' minds wanna know.

But back to those clocks.

Knowin' that Peep #1 would probably forget to do the little clock switcharoo, I set out to do it for her.  But which way was I supposed to be turnin' the paws on the clocks?  To be honest, I had absolutely no idea.

Then I remembered that other ol' sayin'.  Spring forward, fall back.

Well DUH.  Of course you're gonna spring forward.  I mean, if you spring backward, you're likely to fall flat on your keister, for sure.  Or in my case, fall flat on my tail.  MOUSES!

So I set about doin' what I needed to do.

But in my first turnin' back of the clocks attempt, I had a few problems turnin' the little knobby thing that moves the mantle clock's hands.  I mean, paws.  No actually, I do mean hands.  But that is neither here no there.  What is important is that when tryin' to turn that knobby thing, my claws kept slippin', and as the peep was sound asleep, I couldn't really ask her for any help.

Well actually, I could have asked but that would have required my waking her up, and I know from personal experience that a peep woken up at two in the mornin' is a very scary peep, for sure. MOUSES!

So obviously, I felt it best to persevere on my own.

But try as I might, I couldn't get that clock hand controlling knobby thing to turn.

That's when I decided to go old school.

Spring forward, fall back.  One good whacky paw to the face of the clock and it would fall back, for sure.

And it did!

But then it got stuck between the sideboard and the wall behind it.

Obviously, the mantle clock had been eatin' too many treats and not exercising enough.  MOUSES!

I jumped down onto the floor and did my best to squeeze myself in behind the sideboard, only to find that I, too, had been eatin' a few more treats than perhaps I should.  MOUSES!

But Seville the Cat is not the kind of cat who lets a little thing like not fittin' into an enclosed space stop him.  No sirree.  So I reached in with a paw and gave that ol' clock another smack.  Unfortunately, the clock was bein' obstinate - as clocks will do - and refused to budge.

So I decided to turn back a different clock.

Well Peep #1's alarm clock had the same knobby control thing-a-ma-giggy issues as the mantle clock, so I didn't even bother tryin' that route, and instead immediately did a smacky paw to the clock's face.

And it fell to floor with a thud.

Moments before it started to howl.

Howl...  Alarm goin' off...  Whatever.

And that would be about the time the peep woke up.  MOUSES!

So I explained to the peep how I was helpin' her out, by changin' the time on all the clocks in the house, but that the clocks in the house were bein' very uncooperative, which is why the mantle clock was still in need of changin' after it was unstuck from between the sideboard and the wall, of course.

I also explained that the changin' of clocks was not the kind of changin' that required diapers although truth be told, I might have...  you know...  just a little bit...  when that ol' alarm clock of the peep's started howlin' at two o'clock in the morning.  'Cause it took me by surprise and scared me a little.

What happened next, I cannot report, on account of Nerissa's Life bein' a family-friendly blog and all. MOUSES!

You know, you'd think that after livin' with me for all these years, the peep would be used to being awakened at two in the mornin' and an occasional lapse of litter box usage by now.

But apparently not.  MOUSES!

Bottom line is, I think we're in need of a couple new clocks.

What that, Peepers?  What?  I CAN'T HEAR YOU!  WHAT?  FINE.

Peep #1 says I have to come clean 'bout the mantle clock business.  That part of my story was kinda made up

Are you happy now, Peepers?

But the stuff 'bout my knockin' her alarm clock down?  That bit was as true as true can be. MOUSES!


  1. I just wish the peeps would quit messing with the time. Our poor ferals are pretty confused over mealtime already. MOUSES!

  2. Well Seville, you sure did try to help. Those clocks are really hard to redo, even for the humans. We just think all this changing the time around is just silly. But it is such as it is going to be. Have a great day.

  3. Stoopy clocks! Ours fell back last week and I'm still getting my supper late!

  4. Sighs. Hoomins live in a strange world, don't they?

  5. You are ONE OF A KIND, Seville. Your Peep should appreciate you!

  6. I am sorry your Peep wasn't more appreciative of your efforts. I was surprised my cats didn't wake up until we did today- fooled them :)

  7. We still haven't changed all our clocks back. Maybe we should just knock 'em over and call it a day.

  8. Why, oh why, do peeps have to mess with the clocks?! Our breakfast and dinner were late today because of this falling back stuff. MOUSES!

  9. Leave the time thing to the humans, Seville. I actually like it when the humans switch the clock back and forth because it really confuses Binga!

  10. Guess you taught that silly clock a thingy or twelve. Sure am glad it didn't drag you back into time Sivvers

  11. You are so so special, Seville. I really hope your Peep will see it very soon!!!

  12. Seville, the P.A. did the 'fall back' clock thingummy-bob a couple of weeks ago, so we The Heathen Hoard have rebelled against such time-constraint tyranny and decided that we don't care what time it is; its either light or dark, that's as much as a cat need to know, apart from, is there food in my bowl, clean litter facilities and cuddles when we want them!!! MOL BTW did mew get a new alarm clock yet? MOL purrs Basil and Co XOX

  13. What would your Peeps do without your help, Sivvers. They should give you extra treats or something to thank you. At my house we've decided to ignore daylight savings time. We still demand eat eat dinner at 4pm even though Mom sez it's only 3. It wasn't our idea to fall those clocks back. Why should we suffer? I'm just saying...


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