Sunday 23 August 2015

the blame game

Have you heard?  Have you heard about the latest new reality slash television game show?  It's called The Blame Game and it's coming, this fall, to an election near you. MOUSES!

Let's face it, folks, stuff happens and when it does, somebody is gonna be blamed. And if you're going to be blaming peeps, someone needs to take the blame, too. C'est la vie.

You know what they say.  They say, "When in doubt, blame the peep."  Well that's what Nissy used to say, anyway. Truth be told, I've said it, too.  Works like a charm, every time.

As least it works like a charm for us cats but that's because cats, being cats, are natural charmers, for sure.

There's also the fact that peeps really are to blame for most things that go wrong in this world so blaming a peep is kind of like making a sure bet of sorts.  Know what I mean?  MOUSES!

But peeps know how to play this game of blaming, too.  From an early age, peeps learn to blame others for their own mistakes as well as just about anything and everything that doesn't go their way.

Ever had homework?  Ever not finished your homework so you couldn't hand it in?  Ever blame the dog for eating said homework?  Ever blame the dog when you didn't actually have a dog to blame? MOUSES!

But blaming the possibly non-existent family dog is only the start of the peep blaming that is to come.  Peeps will blame anyone or anything if it means they don't have to accept the blame, themselves.

Ever listen to a peep who arrives somewhere late?  They blame the kids, the spouse and even rush-hour traffic.  Like there isn't always a lot of traffic during rush-hour.  They don't call it rush-hour for nothing.  MOUSES!

They might even blame that poor old possibly non-existent family dog.  Sorry I'm late but the dog ate my car keys.  Sound familiar?

Thing is, you can only use the dog-eaten car keys excuse once and get away with it because the more often you use it, the more unbelievable it becomes.

But you can always blame your spouse or your kids.  Kids have been known to eat a key or two, I am sure.  They say some kids will eat just about anything.  MOUSES!

Bottom line is, when things go wrong, peeps really like blaming just about everything and everyone but themselves.  They blame global warming on the planet or other countries or the peeps down the street.  They blame the state of the economy on the price of oil or other countries or the peeps down the street.  They blame the mess in the Senate on the Senate itself or...  Need I go on? MOUSES!

But speaking of politicians, they play The Blame Game better than anyone else.  Have you ever heard a politician blame themselves?  Have you ever heard a politician say, "It's my fault."  Ever? Never?  MOUSES!

Oh sure, sometimes they'll accept responsibility in a roundabout way but the words,"It's my fault," have you ever heard them say those words?  Just like that?

And more often than not, they'll try to convince you there isn't really a problem at all.  It's all in your imagination.  All in your head.  By gosh, according to some politicians, my head must be a very crowded place.  MOUSES!

I remember way back when, when I peed on the peep.  As you can imagine, it didn't go over very well.  Let's just say, there were complaints.  But did I try to blame the peep for my having peed upon her?  Did I...

Uh actually...  That might not be the best of examples because truth be told, I did blame the peep for that.  Wouldn't have peed on her had she not been standing in my way.

And let me tell you something.  You pee on a peep - once - and they never let you forget it. MOUSES!

Well the peep wasn't accepting any of the blame for that little incident.  Never has and probably never will.  Not even an ounce.  Not even for a minute.

What I should have done was find some other peep to blame and in fact, if I were to pee on the peep today, that's exactly what I would do.

That's just how it is, you know?  When stuff goes wrong, somebody needs to take the blame.  You can accept blame yourself or you can find a patsy to accept it for you.  Delegate the blame, so to speak.  It's the way of the world, my friends.  The way of the world.

Take today, for instance.  This here blog post is going up late.  I was late in writing it because I hadn't finished the pictures for what I had originally intended to post but it's not my fault.  It's all the weather's fault for being stormy and preventing me from working on-line, yesterday, during the thunderstorms.  Yup, I'm blaming the weather.  Blaming some guy named Nigel, too.  Yup, I'm blaming them both, for sure.

What's that, Peepers?  Something wrong? You didn't get what done?

Don't fret, Peepers.  Do you know what you should do?  You should come on dawn and play THE BLAME GAME!

Peepers, you should blame Nigel. Everyone's doing it and word on the street is, this dude is willing to accept the blame for pretty much EVERYTHING.  Even stuff he couldn't possibly have done and wasn't really his fault.  Even has his own hashtag, BlameNigel, now.  Blaming him appears to be the True North Canadian thing to do and after all, Peepers, you are a Canadian peep.  You should blame him, for sure. MOUSES!


  1. I always blame Nigel as a matter of principle!! ;)

  2. Dang Seville, if you want to blame the peep for something it is quite okay, we don't blame you one bit! MOUSES!

  3. I can blame Nigel even if I'm not Canadian? Cuz I'm pretty sure it wuz him meyowlin late and night and not me. Uh huh.

  4. We think politicians are the best Blame Game players.
    Oh, and people with lots of money(like Donald Trump).
    Mom says she is not listening to that stuff as the election is too far away.
    She already knows that she is NOT voting for the current guy :/
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. So Seville, where are these politicians when the fires is burning us to a crisp!?! Mes notices that they has been avoiding where the fires is since they started! Can you send them a letter?

  6. You are a kitty so you can blame anyone you want for whatever you want :) Tell the peep not to feel bad, this peep has been peed on in bed- I was actually so happy that I hadn't peed myself that I wasn't even mad.

  7. Well, I used to blame Ernie for everything bad that happened around here, but I guess I can start blaming Nigel, whoever he is. Though blaming Ernie still is kinda fun. ~Wally

  8. It's true! Politicians are masters of the Blame Game, which is sad since they themselves are so often to blame for the horrible state of things.

  9. I don't know who Nigel is, but Sparkle always blamed our human for everything.

  10. Hmmm....we had a Nigel to blame, but he took so much blame for ruining the economy he gave up the job, and I don't think we've had another since. The vacancy is free if yours wants it. purrs

  11. Being an only cat there's nobody to blame around here for things that are OBVIOUSLY down to horking on the carpet for instance......can't blame THAT on the peeps!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  12. Let us be must be Nigel's fault...and if it isn't, it is anyway. Mom bean told us to say that, we don't understand it but she says that is how beans think. She does wonder too what he gets for being the sacrificial lamb.

    We've never tasted lamb, do you suppose it tastes like chick-hen?

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Blaming Nigel whoever he is sounds like a great idea as we have no dog to blame for everything bad that could happen here. Purrs

  14. Darn Nigel! Yeah, Nigel is the problem.......


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