Sunday 14 June 2015

too dangerous to do

BREAKING NEWS...  We interrupt our previously scheduled blog post for...  for... for something really important.

Not to say that Nerissa's Life blog posts aren't always important.  Nissy always wrote about important stuff and I, Seville, intend to do the same.  But this particular blog post is really, REALLY, REALLY important.  It's about something that came to my attention just last week and I knew right there and then that I had to write about it, right away.  MOUSES!

Um, no.  It's not about nip.  But let me tell you, if it were, that would be super important, too.  MOUSES!

Let me start at the beginning...

Last Thursday, the flyers arrived.  Happens every week around the same time.  A car pulls into the driveway and some man, whom I don't actually know, flings a bundle of papers out of his car window and onto the driveway.  We cats learned long ago, not to be in the path of that bundle of flyers because let me tell you, it arrives with quite a thump.  A bundle of flyers to the side of the head is not something a kitty wants to experience, for sure.

Not that any of us have ever had the experience but truth be told, we all kind of watch to see if one day it might happen to the peep.  We took a vote and decided that that would be amusing. MOUSES!

Well last Thursday, the flyers arrived right on schedule and the peeps dove into them.  Most of them - and by them I mean the flyers and not the peeps - go straight from the bundle into a bag for recycling but Peep #1 usually checks out flyers coming from the grocery stores.  And because she loves us so much, she heads straight on over to the pet section, first thing.

Hmm...  Do you think I should be insulted that she's looking to get our kitty necessities on the cheap?  MOUSES!

Anyway, it was because of one of those grocery store flyers that I'm writing this special breaking news blog post, today.

In the pet section of said flyer, was the claim that thunderstorms could be scary for pets.  KNEW THAT!  But it also claimed that it's not the sound of the thunder boomies or the bright flashes of the lightening that scare us pets.  Didn't know that.  It claimed that static electricity builds up in our coats and that this electricity is actually what upsets us.  As I have a very electric personality all on my own, I fail to see how a little extra static can be all that scary.  MOUSES!

But then the flyer went on to make a suggestion.  It said that by rubbing a dryer sheet - you know, of the fabric softener kind - on your pet's fur, your pet's anxiety and discomfort would be reduced.

I happened to be reading the pet section of the flyer over the peep's shoulder at the time and when I saw that, the fur on the back of my neck stood up on end.  What, were they crazy?  How could they make a suggestion like that?  MOUSES!

Now I'm not up on all this newfangled electrical science thingy so I don't know, it might possibly be true but the peeps have never tried it with us and there's good reason for that.  IT'S VERY, VERY DANGEROUS, INDEED. MOUSES!

Just to be sure, I did a little research. No, I did not rub myself all over with a fabric softener sheet. That would be crazy and the one thing I'm not is crazy.  

What's that Peepers?  No.....  No I'm not.  I'm not crazy.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But back to the topic at paw.  I immediately headed into the basement to check the labels of any boxes of fabric softener dryer sheets that might be lying around.  I found two.  Two different brands. Apparently Peep #1 has no product loyalty when it comes to laundry products.

Anyway, both boxes had warnings.  WARNINGS.  WARNINGS!!!

One box had a warning that if anyone should happen to swallow any part of one of those dryer sheets, a doctor or Poison Control Centre should be immediately called.  That's right, the word poison was used.  And on the second box, it specifically told peeps to keep the product away from toddlers and pets.  Pets.  Pets like you know, cats and dogs and bunnies and...  and...  Well the exact kind of pets isn't the important part.  The important part is why.  Why peeps are supposed to keep these dryer sheets away from us pets.  It's to AVOID ACCIDENTAL INGESTION, that's why. I'm assuming that purposeful ingestion would be bad, too.  MOUSES!

Basically what the warnings on the dryer sheet boxes mean is that YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT DRYER SHEETS.  It could be dangerous.

And now I come to the whole purpose of my blog post.  I know, you're thinking it took me long enough.  Well I got here eventually so... so...  so...

So anyway, here's my problem.  We cats groom ourselves.  We groom ourselves with our tongues. And then after grooming, our tongues go back into our mouths and anything that happens to be on our tongues at the time, ends up being swallowed.

Now if peeps go and rub dryer sheets on our fur, all those chemicals that are in the sheets are going to end up on our fur.  Then when we wash ourselves...

You get the picture, I am sure.

Why, you might as well just chop up a few sheets and add it to our meals or why don't you, yourselves, chew on a sheet or two for linen fresh breath?  MOUSES!

NO!!!   I am NOT suggesting that anyone does that.  I'm merely pointing out the stupidity of the suggestion to rub a dryer sheet on a cat or dog's fur.  Doing that is practically the same as allowing us to eat it and the products say right on their boxes that ingesting - in other words, eating - dryers sheets is VERY DANGEROUS.  Far too dangerous for anyone to even think of doing.

I am shocked and appalled that the grocery store that sells my favourite cat food made this very dangerous suggestion but, I suppose, they didn't know any better.  Not that they couldn't have read the warnings on the dryer sheet boxes themselves, but...

No, this blog post isn't about blame. It's about keeping pets safe.  It's important that we get the word out that dryer sheets - and any part of them - are unsafe to eat.  And if they're not safe to eat, no one should be rubbing them on a cat or dog's fur because doing so is going to make that cat or dog ingest the chemicals they contain.  There's good reason that one box stated to keep the sheets away from pets!

So please...  Please...  PLEASE... Please keep dryer sheets away from your pets.  Do NOT rub these things on your cats' and dogs' fur.  Do NOT!!! Not ever.  Never.  Never ever, ever.  It's way too dangerous to do.  MOUSES!


This just in...   After the publishing of my blog post and two - count 'em, TWO - e-mails to the grocery store's customer service centre, Peep #1 and I were promised a 'correction' in this week's flyer.  So today, I sent the peep out to investigate the matter at paw.

In every store across the land - or maybe just the Atlantic provinces as I'm not sure if the whole country got the same flyer with the same questionable advice -  there are notices posted wherever they have flyers.  It tells peeps that rubbing their pets with dryer sheets can cause harm and instead, suggest that they "create a safe place" to help calm their kitties and doggies during thunder storms.

We did it, my friends.  We did it!  KITTIES OF THE INTERNET...   UNITE!!!


  1. Eeeeeewwwwww...we've been rubbed by a lot of things, but never dryer sheets. Mumsy even pulls them out of the basket of clean clothes before we jump in them. And, we're NOT so sure about the loud noise of the thunder NOT being what scares us. Otherwise, why would our Duchess always hide in her bed in the corner next to the toilet when it thunderstorms? That doesn't have anything to do with static electricals stuff. Keep up the good work! You do such a good job at getting the truths out there. Hugs and love to you all.

  2. Great blog and such an important point. Glad they didn't also advocate using small metal chain to earth the static!

  3. What a truly stupid suggestion from the grocery store. Have they never seen how a cat or dog jumps right under the nearest bed right after the thunder? MOUSES!

  4. Another example of solving one specific problem without considering the consequences rather than finding a solution for the problem.

    I've petted cats in the dark and raised sparks of static electricity. They stayed to be petted some more.

    Children's (and adult) sleepwear has warnings about fabric softener and its effect on flame retardant properties -- and now they want to put it on the cat?

    (apologies if this double posts -- I seem to have lost the post when I previewed it).

  5. Hey Thank you Seville , that is very very important information for sure. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and purrs from all of us here at The ARC

  6. Thanks for keeping us safe!!

  7. We only like bed sheets so I do believe all is well in our neck of the woods.

  8. Yikes!!
    We are glad Mom never thought of that.
    Some humans are pretty stupid.
    Thanks for telling us about this Seville!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Gweat posty Seville, yous so wight. Dwyer sheets and laudwy soap and all be very dangerous fur us. We fink sum of these companies be about makin' us sick to make more munny off our hoomans. Hope yous have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. Irresponsible idiots who wrote that!

  11. Yikes, dat are bad dat dey are tellin peeps to do dat. MOUSES!

  12. Saville, Thanks yous!

  13. That's horrible that this was suggested! My human recalls a long time ago that people used to think that was okay, but she thought it was debunked a LONG time ago. I'm shocked such dangerous and false advice is still going around.

  14. Thank Ceiling Cat we have zip interest in those dryer thingies

  15. Here staff never uses fabric softener - he says it doesn't really make a difference and if you use it on towels, it makes them less absorbent anyway. But I don't mind thunderboomers. If I hear them I want to go out and chase them though I've never managed to catch one. After my failed chase I come back in, usually soaking wet, and play "dodge the towel" with staff before jumping on his desk and walking all over his papers with my wet (usually muddy too) paws and then rolling in them with my wet fur. It's my consolation prize.

  16. My Mom doesn't use dryer sheets (thankfully) - my Dad is sensitive to them even though Mom used to use the fragrance/dye free ones!!!! Anyway, thanks for the good advice - we've read this about those wicked dryer sheets so they are not allowed in my house at all!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  17. OMC. That grocery store needs to do a retraction, Seville. Others aren't as smart as you are to do some research first and may try this.

  18. Holy cow I've never heard that suggestion before; but your reasons for NOT doing it are completely legit. But that bad advice from the flyer aside I also didn't know that the static electricity might be quite scary - certainly given me much to ponder this Monday morning.

  19. Wow, can't believe there are still people recommending this! :-( You would think common sense would prevail, knowing how cats and dogs groom themselves.. but obviously not. Thanks for the great advice, Seville! I'll be sharing your post to get the word out! :-)

  20. Thanks for sharing that good warning. I don't like to use dryer sheets at all, and I certainly wouldn't rub them all over my poor kitties! I'm going to share your post on the Paws and Effect Facebook page because this is an important warning for all humans!

  21. WOW! That's crazy!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  22. One of mommy's cats thought dryer sheets were some kind of nip. Mommy would tie a bunch together and a string and play come follow me with the kitty. But playtime was always supervised, and she was not allowed to eat them, just sniff them with her pretty nose. The cat, not Mommy. Is it no wonder we love to sit on clean clothes??? Direct from the dryer?? That has dryer sheets in the dryer???

  23. WOW! REALLY? They said that?
    I hope your Peeps contacted the store or chain to let them know how bad that is!

  24. Thanks for sharing ! We hope that your warning reach the company that recommend it too ! Purrs

  25. Jan was going into shock as she read that recommendation. Not a good idea at all. Good thing you are on the ball and warning folks to not kill us with intended kindness.

  26. Rub a dryer sheet on one's pet? *scratches head* What the fur?? I get nervous when my kitty, Frances, wants to rub on my legs after I've put lotion on them. No one wants to lick THAT, much less residue from a Bounce sheet. Hope nobody paid any attention to that flyer, but you!

  27. Very good post- I recently saw that suggestion and wrote to complain about how dangerous that is. I don't even use dryer sheets anymore, I made wool balls for the dryer ( that was my post last Monday). I think everyone with kitties should do that- the balls are fun for kitties to play with too.

  28. way to go Sivvers! I hear there will be a retraction. Nice work!

    1. There is! Store tweeted & messaged me this morning. A correction is going to be printed in this week's flyer and once I see that, I'll probably add it to the end of my blog post. purrs

  29. MOUSES! my comment disappeared. Let me repeat;; good job Sivvers!

  30. WOW that is so scary that someone would publish a suggestion to rub a dryer sheet on pets. Haven't they ever heard of a thundershirt? Or cuddling under a blanket together? And I quote, "MOUSES!!!!" I am so glad that you are doing your part to set records straight!!!

  31. I hope the peeps told the makers of the flyers this information, as it is very valuable. I too have heard this through out the years and keep telling people it is wrong..

  32. Good work Seville! We had never heard of that and mom bean keeps that stuff in a cupboard so we're safe...and because of you we're gonna stay that way.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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