Sunday 1 September 2013

a little of this...

...and a little of that.  This and that!

Well, well, well...  looks like another award has come my way and I'm ever so pleased.  It's a real beauty.  It's called the Wonderful Team Member Leadership Award and I love it!  Special thanks to my pal Katie, who writes the amazin' blog, Katie Isabella, for thinkin' of me.  Thank you Katie!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness, immensely.

There's not much to accepting this Wonderful Team Member Leadership Award.  All I need do is thank Katie for givin' it to me, link' to her blog - which I did above but am gonna do again 'cause I love it so much.  THANK YOU KATIE! - and pass the award along to another fourteen bloggin' cats and dogs.  Easy as can be.  Easy peasy, as they say. 

So without further ado, the winners are...

- Sushi at Sushi's Diary
- Quinn at Catitude
- everyone at Furries of Whisppy
- Brian at Brian's Home
- Angel at angelswhisper
- Pierre, Ashton & Newton at Sometimes Cats Herd You
- Purrla at Singapore Kitty
- Sammy at onespoiledcat
- Oui Oui at Twinkletoe Tails
- Dash at DashKitten
- Timmy at Tomcat Commentary by Tim
- Austin at CATachresis
- Cocco at My Mini Pet Pig
- Quint at Colehaus Cats

Now, some of you may have received this award before.  I have myself but the first time, the award had a different graphic.  I really like this pretty new graphic with the smilin' sun a lot so I said to myself, I'm gonna accept it again!  Why not?  It's there for the takin'.

And since the Wonderful Team Member Leadership Award is all about workin' as a team, I do hope everyone will check out all the blogs receivin' the award today, as well as Katie's blog, Katie Isabella.  They're all AMAZIN' blogs and deserve to be read and read and then, read again.

So, that takes care of the this.  Now how about a little of the that?

Did you hear my big news?  It happened a few weeks ago.  Facebook spell check now accepts MOUSES! as a word.  Yoo-hoo!  YOO-HOO!!!  No red squiggles or yellow highlights or any or that.  Blogger, by the way, accepts it, too.  Ironically, although Blogger is acceptin' MOUSES! as a word, its spell check highlights in bright yellow the words, Facebook, blog and...  get this...  Blogger!  MOUSES!

I'm so happy 'bout this.  We all used MOUSES! so often, it has been accepted by the powers that be.  See what we can do as a team?  Amazin' stuff.

I am still waiting to hear back from my friends at Webster and Oxford.

Oh, and did you hear about my grey fur?  It's true.  I have a little patch of sparklin' white fur in my jet black stripe down my back.  MOUSES!  I pointed it out to my doctor the last time I was there and she says it happens quite often after fur has been shaved and, sure enough, that patch has appeared right where they shaved my fur to apply the pain patch when I had my knee bionicized.  I knew that shavin' business was gonna cause trouble.  I just knew it.  Again I say, MOUSES!

And some late breaking news from a couple of weeks ago.  That's the late part, my friends.  The fact that I am late with tellin' you 'bout this.  I have tweeted about it, numerous times, but neglected to write about it here, on my blog.  I am sorry.  I've let you all down.  I promise to never do that again unless, of course, I accidentally do.

Anywho...  apparently, there is a world-wide egg beater shortage.  This is causing major difficulties for those of us who use egg beaters as a power source for teleportation.  Tunnel teleporters have, so far, been unaffected. 

My brother Seville is quite pleased to assure everyone that whisks are still widely available.  I haven't yet informed him that the science of egg beater-whisk time travelling-teleportation requires both egg beaters and whisks.  Why break his little marmalade heart unnecessarily?  In the meantime, he has been busy fiddling with his whisks and I am happy to say that his fiddling has been pretty much benign when the whisks are not being used in conjunction with egg beaters.  We've had a few broken eggs but that's about all the damage, so far.  Rest assured that we do, however, have a case of egg beaters on order.


  1. Concats on the award!

    The egg beater shortage sounds most concerning. Will people start to hoard tunnel teleporters now, we wonder?

  2. Nerissa your so CUTE!:-) broken eggs huh? I don't have that problem........because I have real CHICKENS!!!!!! That aren't in Cages!!! The are "free Range chickens!" And they are Gorgeous!!

  3. Congratulations on your award... And... we wanted you to know that we love that picture of you in your glasses and at the computer... Very intellectual.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  4. Congrats on your award. That is terrific. That is a pretty one. Hope you have a terrific day.

  5. Concats on your award and thank you for passing it to me too. =)

  6. Nerissa concats on your award and also good news about the word MOUSES!


  7. Concatulations on the AWARD!!! Mes thinks yous deserves it! And mes is thinking of turning in my tunnel for a egg beater...does yous knows where mes can get one cheap?

  8. We have Mommy's Granny's eggbeater, and a very newer whisk, so we're okay.
    Thank you for including us in your awards.
    Wait, thank you for including ME,

  9. Concatulations on your award ! Purrs and headbutts

  10. See this is why us bunnies use Magic closets for traveling and they are as old as time its self and now parts to go wrong with them!
    Any way Congrats on your new award,xx Speedy

  11. Congratulations on your award and THANK YOU for passing it on to us! :)
    We are most happy about MOUSES! :p

  12. Hi Nissy! Thanks for comin' by:-) thanks for your wishes too.Your such a sweet and cute boy!:-) take RM&the babies

  13. So THAT'S why the egg-beaters haven't arrived yet...MOUSES!!! Although, Mommy has a 'lectric one...what do you suppose would happen if we rigged it up? CC wants to give it a whirl but we think maybe Seville should be the one to try, MOL!

  14. Concatulation on that award!

    We LOVE that news about "mouses"! Shouldn't everyone be using it? We think so!

  15. Wow! Concats on your award, Nerissa, AND for coining a new term! You should be very proud of both. In fact, I think there should be a very special award for adding to everyone's vocabulary. And thanks ever so much for thinking of me! Our computer has started accepting some of the mom's typos, she has made them so much, but that isn't the same thing and nothing to be proud of. Hee, hee!

    Purrs & Headbonks,
    Oui Oui

  16. Nissy, I have a twisted out of shape egg beater, so I could be all right!!!

    ConCats on your award :)))) And thank you old buddy for including me in the list of passeronees!! :))) I am honoured indeedy.

    So you got some grey furs now! Just show you are a kitty of wisdom and sagacity - that's a place where you can tell a long story BTW. In fact you are Mr Sagacity, cos you tell your long stories so awfully well!! :))) xoxoxo

  17. If I already sent a comment before, you'll have to forgive the old biddy typist, but she is a bit lacking in sagacity herself!!!

    1. One can never have too many comments... especially when the comments are from good friends like you. purrs

    2. Hi,Nissy! Xoxo RM.and *wave paws* the babies

  18. Wow, you were just bubbling over with news. Concats on your award and concats to your recipients. Well deserved by all. Sorry abour the changes in furs. It is your survival badge. You should display it with pride. And in good health. Glad those egg beaters are on order. We suspect you're getting cabin fever. Purrs and hugs, LO, M, Mm, G, F, A, L and CJ

  19. Yay for ur awardie! Yay!


    Angel Keisha

  20. Concats on your award Nerissa!
    We are not surprised you are a team player and leader ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  21. concats buddy and thanks so much for adding me to your pass on list. It really means a lot.

  22. Oh Nissy, congrats on the award and thank you so much for passing it on to us! What a special surprise and thanks for the heads up since we don't get around to the blogs every day! xo

  23. Congrats on the very nice award and thank you so much for sharing with us!!! Thanks too for the purrs for Sister Gracie!

  24. Congratulations on the award pal. Woohoo - great news - Mouses is a word. Well, we knew that all along didn't we?

  25. Congrats on your award, Nissy. And y'know...we don't have an egg beater! We think we might be out of luck if there's a worldwide shortage!!

  26. Well, lemme tell you a hideous sekrit, Nissy: Last May when I had my abscessed anal glad way ::down there::, I was shaved. And do you know what? Well, do you???? This coal black boy has a bright light gray patch right on his sweet little bum. What kind of an OUTRAGE is THAT????

  27. Thank you so much, Nissy, for this pawsome award! You know how much Quint loves the sun! He'll really enjoy this one, especially when our days start to shorten. Thanks again and congrats to all the other award recipients! Purrs...

  28. Congratulations on your Award, Nerissa, and thank you so much for passing this wonderful Award to me. It means a lot to me, thanks :) Great that MOUSES is official now. Really love it!
    * Whispers* hey, Nissy, please be honest...are you on catnip ;)
    Pawkisses for a Wonderful Monday :)

    1. Er-hrm... Nothin' wrong with havin' a little of the nip, my friend. Nothin' wrong with that, at all. purrs

  29. Nirissa my best buddy, pal, furend and cat-confidant thanks so much fur this ccol award. We shall show it with pride, well, as soon as the bloggie constructor, yes the Dad, can get our award page completed. Mouses, good help is hard to find.
    Hey you are paw on with speller!
    Now if we can have furend and bloggie done we will be in nip
    We send Buddies dictionary to them but we hear the puter they put the DVD in (it is quite a large file) melted.

    Thanks again and have a great holiday!
    Timmy Tomcat

  30. Well done on your award Nissy. Concatulations. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  31. CONCATULATIONS on your Award and thanks for letting Mom know that Canada has Labor Day (even if Mom was too lazy to change it in the blog). Hope you are enjoying yours! Love, Cody

  32. Congrats on the award. Have a great day! Lee and Phod

  33. Hm , I thought I had left a coment ?!
    Apparently I didn´t :)
    First ConCATulations to the award !
    Glad that FB finally have understod that MOUSES is an impawtent word !
    Me neither had no clue that shaving could cause any problems with your fur color !

  34. Nissy, do you think you will get the egg beaters in time for you know what??? We may need them, I am getting a little worried about the tests I have been making on that stainless steel know the one I mean???

    1. I sure do hope so. I'm completely reliant upon egg beater technology. I don't have a tunnel. *sighs*

      What's up with the whisk? What kind of tests? Do we need to involve Sivvers? Best not, yet. My brother is up to his whiskers in whisks at the mo.

  35. I have whisks! Large, small, you name it. I think we have an egg beater.

    What about an electric mixer? Does that count?


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.