Thursday 3 November 2011

an introduction to me and my life

Hi!  My name is Nerissa and I'm a cat. 

This is my first post.  Actually, it's the very first time I've ever done anything like this.   But I always knew that I could work well with computers.  There's that whole mouse thing, you know? 

Nerissa's Life will be about me...  my world...  my peeps...  my viewpoint on things.  I'll try to write maybe twice a week or so.  Let you know what my peeps are up to.  One of them gardens and cooks a lot.  Might do a special spot on her activities now and then.  Oh, and I share this house with some other cats.  I'll let you in on their activities, too.  But all that will have to wait for now.  The sun is shining and I see a particularly good looking sunny spot on the little roof outside the kitchen window.  Time for a nap. 

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  1. Hello Nerissa and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! The end of 2011 was pretty crazy for us.....well mostly Mom. Our Grammom is 92 and sometimes things get a bit over whelming especially the Holiday season.
    This post was very special because it was a hello to all and we missed sorry. We read your posts and wow.......12 of! Ha Ha, Mom had 11 at one time in her other house but 4 were white kittens! Dad built a room on the side of the house so all the kitties could climb, poo and eat out there but there was a kitty door into the house for them to enter any time. Matter of fact the past house was sold to the first person who viewed it because she had cats and loved the special room for kitties!
    You have some very beautiful sisters....wanna give one away=^Y^= LOL....Mommy says maybe someday we can have a sister....she said that before and we got Thomas!
    Well, we think you will have fun again, WELCOME!!=^Y^=theCatStreetBoyz


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.