Sunday, 31 August 2014

a labour of love

Here in Canada, this is Labour Day Weekend.  To the south of us in the United States of America, it's Labor Day Weekend.

Notice the difference? The Americans have dropped the letter u in the word labour.  On the other paw, maybe we Canadians added one. Don't know, for sure.

But I do know that I don't wanna labour over the addin' or droppin' of a silly little letter 'cause truth be told, that conversation would be somewhat, laborious.  MOUSES!

Anywho...  Tomorrow, Monday, is the official holiday but lots of peeps celebrate all weekend long.

Peep #1 says she remembers how Labour Day Weekend was the official end to the summer and summer holidays, when she was growin' up.  You know, way back in ancient times when dinosaurs roamed the earth and before our current-day mountains had fully formed.

What's that, Peepers?  That's too far back?  Really?  You sure 'bout that?  REALLY?

Anywho...  Way back in olden times, Labour Day Weekend was the last weekend of fun in the sun before everybody headed off back to school and whatnot.  Still is, in fact.  At least it still is around here.

At my house, we'll be celebratin' Labour Day tomorrow, too.  Personally, I'm gonna take the day off regarding my supervisory duties.  Usually, I have to supervise the peeps' movements.  It's a very demanding, full-time job.  Those peeps get into way too much mischief if unsupervised, you see.

I know...  I know...  You're probably all thinkin' that if I take the day off from supervisin', I'll end up payin' for it later, cleanin' up all the messes those peeps made while bein' unsupervised.  Well I've got that covered.  I've got my paws crossed that the peeps will both take a break from their mischief makin' on account of it bein' Labour Day Monday and all.  Don't know if they'll oblige but I sure am hoping.  If not, I don't wanna even think about the troubles that will be facin' me come Tuesday mornin'.  I can only imagine...  NO.  I don't wanna imagine that, at all.  MOUSES!

Somethin' Peep #1 will not be takin' off tomorrow on account of Labour Day Monday is her work assistin' me on my blog.  The first peep takes time off from bein' my official IT support on a daily basis.  She doesn't need a holiday in order to do that.  In fact, sometimes I wonder if she does any work for me at all.

Have I mentioned before that Peep #1 makes for pretty lousy IT support?  Well if I haven't, I'm mentioning it now.  When it comes to IT support, Peep #1 is the worst of the worst.  Can't really blame her, though.  She is somewhat technologically impaired.  Did I say somewhat?  My mistake. The woman is a technologically impaired duffer, for sure.

Why-oh-why did I ever hire Peep #1 as my IT support?  WHY?  Oh yeah...   I remember now.  She was the only peep I could find willin' to work for cuddles.  When you're payin' staff in cuddles instead of cash, you can't always hire the cream of the crop, if you know what I mean.  MOUSES!

Cream of the crop...  Cream....  I love cream.

What a weird expression though, huh? Cream of the crop.  Cream isn't a crop. Cream has nothin' to do with crops. But corn is a crop and you can cream corn. Personally, however, I prefer my cream straight up.  No corn required.

Yeah, yeah...  the expression is about the cream risin' to the top of the milk. Like I said, I prefer my cream straight up.  No milk required, either.

But wouldn't it be neat if you could grow cream as a crop?  If you could grow a field of cream?  If I ever see a field of cream it will be a mouses moment, for sure.

But I digress...  Back to the labourin' or rather, lack of labourin', on account of tomorrow bein' Labour Day Monday.

In honour of Labour Day I, Nerissa the Cat, will be takin' a break from the labours of the world. There shall be no supervisory duties for me, tomorrow.  I shall also be takin' a break from any eggbeater-whisk time travelling-teleportation research activities my brother Seville might have planned.  And I shall be unavailable for any picture takin' Ol' Peepers might have in mind.

No, tomorrow will be a day reserved for nappin' and nippin' followed by nippin' and nappin'.  I'm gonna be bathin' in sunpuddles, if the sun should so happen to cooperate.  If not, I'll have to nap on the couch or somethin', I suppose.  Or maybe a bed.  Or perhaps the dinin' room table.

I'm gonna be spendin' leisure time with the peeps and all the members of my fur-fam.  Gettin' some chin tickles and tummy rubs and maybe play with a wand toy or two.  And, of course, there will be breaks for snackin'.  What's a holiday without snacks?

I shall not, however, be takin' the day off from my bloggin' duties.  Workin' on my blog is a labour of love and when you're talkin' labours of love, you don't wanna take a break 'cause your labourin' really isn't labour, at all.

Besides, I have stuff to do.  I have a big day planned for Wednesday and I'm still workin' on that new blog feature.  Got some readin' to do for that.  Got some very special research readin' to do for that, for sure.  And I'll probably wanna visit some pals, as well.

But I do wanna take this moment to wish everybody a VERY HAPPY LABOUR DAY.  I hope you're all havin' a great weekend and that tomorrow you will enjoy a day filled with lots of rest and relaxation.  I know that that's what I'm plannin' for tomorrow, for sure.