Wednesday, 25 May 2016

hello again

So I was upstairs, trying to mind my own business but finding that rather difficult to do on account of Peep #1 yelling like a banshee, downstairs, when I heard...

"Are you sure Tess is still outside?" I heard the first peep call out to Peep #2. "Because I hear cats upstairs tearing around and destroying the place."

Now there are a couple things I wanna point out 'bout that there statement made by the peep.

Firstly, note how she equates the tearing around and destruction of the upstairs with my sister, Tess.  This is interesting because Tess is known for a lot of things but tearing around and destroying stuff isn't one of 'em.  Nope, that's really not her modus operandi at all.

Sure, Tess growls a lot.  Did I say a lot?  I meant, a LOT.  She growls at anything and everything for any ol' reason at all.  My gosh, she even growls at the weather!  But like I said, tearing around and destroying stuff isn't her style.  She'd rather just growl.  MOUSES!

And secondly, notice how Peep #1 said, cats.  Cats as in the feline species.  Who's to say a couple of rocky raccoons didn't break in here and start ripping apart the upstairs?  It could happen, you know.  Those rockies are pretty darn smart.  MOUSES!

I would also like to reiterate how I compared the Peep's voice to a shrieking banshee.  Well I didn't say she was shrieking and perhaps she actually wasn't but take my word for it, it sure did sound like she was.

When it comes to banshees and my Peep #1's voice, it can be hard to tell the difference, you see. MOUSES!

Anyway...  There I was upstairs, trying to mind my own business, thinking 'bout making an early night of it and contemplating whether I would curl up on a bed or on a night stand when...

Let me explain.  Beds are decidedly more comfortable than night stands which, of course, are made of wood and have neither pillows nor blankies to their names BUT knocking off whatever is on a night stand in order to sleep there is a whole lot more fun than just jumping up on a bed and falling asleep.

Anyway...  There I was, contemplating whether or not I had the energy to knock the lamp and clock radio off the night stand, on account of my being in dire need of a good night's sleep, all the while trying to mind my own business, when I heard Peep #1 downstairs doing her banshee impersonation, and a pretty good one at that, when...

When I opened an eye and who did I see?  I saw a little black kitty.  This, of course, prompted me to say to said little black kitty, "Oh, hello again.  You back in my house?"

The little black kitty then proceeded to wreak havoc in the upstairs of my house.  MOUSES!

That's right, Here Kitty Kitty aka Dionysus aka Dionysia was back.  Again I must say, MOUSES!

After finishing her shrieking banshee impersonation, Peep #1 figured it out.  While she had been out at her caterwauling practice - which I'm thinking might sometimes sound rather banshee-like because I've heard her practice at home and my gosh, it's something no one ever actually wants to hear - Peep #2 had been left in charge of the house. Of course, that meant that the upstairs bathroom window that we use as a secondary access point had been left open after dark.  This, of course, was how Tess got outside when she should have been in and, the peep believes, how the little black kitty got inside.

Now Peep #1 wasn't upset that Here Kitty Kitty aka Dionysus aka Dionysia was in the house.  No sirree.  She was actually pretty happy 'bout that except for the fact that the little black kitty had become frantic and was expressing this frantic state with tearing around this way and that and knocking stuff off things that weren't supposed to be knocked about.

I, of course, let out a big yawn and told Here Kitty Kitty to let me know when she was done with her racing around and destroying of things so that I could get some sleep as, you see, I had by then decided that sleeping on a bed would be far more comfortable than any joy I might have derived knocking stuff off the night stand.

And don't think I didn't notice that even with all the stuff Here Kitty Kitty was knocking about, she totally failed to knock that lamp and clock radio off the night stand for me.  Not that I would have wanted her to do that, of course.  I mean, the fun is IN the knocking of the stuff down.  Some other kitty does it for you and there's no fun at all.  MOUSES!

Anyway, long story short, Here Kitty Kitty was heard racing down the stairs and into the kitchen where later, Anderson was found standing guard.  Yup, he was staring down the steps leading to the basement.  The peeps managed - barely, because you know, they're peeps - to piece stuff together and figure out that the little black kitty was in the basement, probably hiding.  Where she is now is anybody's guess.  The last time she was in my house, she hid really, really well.  I think she has a cloak of invisibility or something.  MOUSES!

The peeps have FINALLY figured out that Here Kitty Kitty aka Dionysus aka Dionysia wants nothing to do with them, except for din-dins on the veranda every evening.  Of course, they have yet to ascertain whether the little black kitty is a boy or a girl and settle down on one name.

I, myself, am trying to get in some extra napping today.  I didn't sleep all that well last night.  You try sleeping after hearing your peep shriek like a banshee.  Not a nighttime lullaby I would recommend to anyone.  Not even my worse enemy.  MOUSES!


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