Sunday, 23 October 2016


Hmmm...  Indoor sunpuddle or outdoor sunpuddle today?  It's a big decision, for sure.

On the one paw, outdoor sunpuddles are bigger than indoor ones.  A kitty can get in a really good stretch, in an outdoor sunpuddle.  A way better stretch than in an indoor one, 'cause sometimes, if you stretch too much in the ones inside, you end up stretchin' right out of the puddle.  Believe me, I know.  MOUSES!

But on the other paw, on account of the rain earlier, there may be some water puddles mixed in with those sunpuddles outdoors.  None of that goin' on inside.

Again I must ask myself, indoors or out?

The peep did say today was to be unseasonably mild, and I do like to bask in a sunpuddle in mild weather.  Hmmm...

Eenie meenie miney mo, catch a puddle by its toe.

Nah, that doesn't work.  Everyone knows sunpuddles don't have toes.  MOUSES!

I think...  I think...  I think I'll try an outdoor sunpuddle to start.

Andy!  Why do you look like you just had a fur blowout done by someone who has no business blowin' out anyone's fur?  You been to the groomer or somethin'?

No, that was not a comment on your royal title, Sir Fartsalot, and your occasional need of a bum wash and trim.

But if the paw fits..

But do tell, Andy.  How come your fur is stickin' out all over the place?  You look like Albert Einstein havin' a bad hair day.  It's not the best of looks for a cat, for sure.

What's that?  You say you were just outside lookin' for some sunpuddles and there was a big gust of wind and...

How strong was that gust?

Really?  MOUSES!

I need to investigate this for myself.  Move over, Andy.  I'm headin' out.

OH MY MOUSES!  Andy, one moment it was as calm as calm can be and the next?  Well let me put it this way: had I had an umbrella with me, I'd be somewhere over the Atlantic by now.  You weren't kiddin' when you said it was windy.  No wonder your fur got all...  all...  all...  all whatever that look is, you're sportin'.

What's that, Andy?  Why is my fur not lookin' like yours after my bein' out there in that ol' gust of wind?  Well...  Well for starters, my fur is a lot shorter than yours, you see.  I never get a really frazzled look although at times, when dealin' with certain fur-sibs of mine, I can feel frazzled, for sure.  MOUSES!

Hey!  Who stuck these leaves on my back?

Ah yes, the wind.

You know, I enjoy a good leaf-chasin' game as much as the next kitty, but with wind like that...  Well let me put it this way: it's all fun and games 'til somebody gets a leaf stuck on their back.  MOUSES!

Hmmm...  I believe today will be an INDOOR sunpuddle day, for sure.

For mousin' out loud.  Look at that.  The sky has gone all cloudy and stuff, and there isn't a sunpuddle to be found.  Not indoors nor out.