Sunday, 7 February 2016

nope, that won't do either

Nope.  Nope.  Nope. Nadda.  What the mouses?  No way.  Nope, that won't do either.

For mousin' out loud.  I've gone through all my notes and still, I can't find a single thing to...

Wait a minute.  Hmmm... NOPE.  MOUSES!

You'd think that with my living in a house like this and with peeps like these, there would always be something crazy to write about twice a week, every week, but it turns out that this week, my peeps have let me down, for sure.  So it is with great sadness that I must relate, my peeps have done nothing crazy enough in the last seven days to warrant an entire blog post about nothing but their craziness.  Again I must say, MOUSES!

Oh sure, there was that little incident with the uhh...  you know.  And then there was the thing with that ol'...  Yeah, you know.  And then there was...  Hmmm....

But an entire post about any of one of these things?  It's just not gonna happen.  My friends, it is Sunday, and I have nothing to write about at all.  Nothing.  Nadda. Naddadinkingninkingnincompoopything!  MOUSES!

What to do...  What to do...

Well I could write about my brothers.  Nah, did that last couple of posts.

Or I could write about my sisters.  Hmmm...  Nah, they've done nothing interesting this week, either.

I know!  I could write about the weather!  Yeah, I could write about the weather.  What a Canadian thing to do.  Canadian peeps and Canadian kitties, alike, are always writing about the weather and stuff.  Well technically it's more of a weather complaining than writing kind of thing.  And I suppose I really shouldn't be saying about but rather aboot but...

Nah, weather complaining up here in the Great White North has been done so many times it has become old hat which, my friends, brings me to my long-held theory about weather forecasting and stuff.  I have long believed that weatherpeeps write up a bunch of weather forecasts and put 'em all in a big ol' hat. Thus, the old hat.  Then, when they need to give a forecast on the radio or the television or the Internet, all they need do is pull out one of those forecasts from said old hat.

But I said I wasn't gonna blog about the weather today.  Not gonna blog aboot it, either.  MOUSES!

I could always blog about the new word I just invented.  You know the one.  The one I used up above.  Naddadinkingninkingnincompoopything.  Say that three times quickly.  MOUSES!

Come on...  COME ON...  I dare ya!  Bet you can't. MOUSES!

Or I could mention how Ol' Peepers here has been elfing.  Can you believe it?  Elfing in February.   Never heard anything so crazy in my whole, entire life.  Have you?

That's right, my friends, Peep #1 has been knitting up biff bags for...  wait for it...  NEXT Christmas. All I can say is, crazy is as crazy does and judging by the crazy my peep has been doing, crazy is putting it mildly.

She says she needs something to do with her hands while watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights.  I say, she could be giving me tummy rubs with those hands instead of enticing me with yarn you just know I'm gonna wanna catch.  MOUSES!

But that's not all.  Instead of making nice little square biff bags like the biff bags we've all come to know and love, the peep has making heart-shaped ones.  Never seen anything like it.

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking that heart-shaped biff bags might be kinda pretty and stuff but you'd be wrong...

Okay, you'd actually be right about that.  They are pretty cute.  Thing is though, a bag filled with nip is a bag filled with nip and let me tell you something, my fur-fam and I can demolish a nip-filled bag in a matter of hours whether it be rectangular, square, round or heart-shaped so it's always best if the peep makes 'em in the easiest possible way to make 'em so that she doesn't see 'em all ripped up and ruined and stuff and think to herself, "Seville just got that biff bag and it's already all torn apart."

Now don't get me wrong.  The peep is gonna be thinking along those lines, for sure, but there's no need for her to be putting in the extra work of making special shapes when we're just gonna rip 'em all apart, lickety-split.

And speaking of lickety-split, we'll be licking our paws and our lips after demolishing those biff bags, for sure.  MOUSES!

Oh my, you should SEE the biff bag from Christmas that the peep found between the cushions in the family room, this morning.  Yarn sticking out all over the place, big hole in one side and not a trace of the nip that once filled it to be found.

Yup, we're thinking of holding funeral services for said biff bag this spring, once winter is over and the ground has thawed and...

And that, my friends, has brought us right back to my blogging about the weather which I did say I wasn't gonna do, didn't I.  Not a question, of course. Just a statement of fact.  A statement that I didn't want to blog about or aboot the ol' weather even though it is a very Canadian thing to do so...

So I think it might be time to finish up this here blog post.  Here's hoping the peeps do something super crazy between now and Wednesday so that I'll have a topic for Wednesday's post. I know they have it in 'em.  I just KNOW that they do.  My peeps are funny that way, you see.  Funny as in odd as in a crazy kind of way.  Crazy as crazy can be. MOUSES!