Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Sort of.


My very first Canada Day on the job as Chief Blogger of the Family and I've already messed up. MOUSES!

Although technically, it was not I who messed up.  It was the peep and boy-oh-boy, did she ever make a mess of my blog. MOUSES!

I had this big adventure type of post planned for today.  It was big.  It was super big.

You see, my sister Mason...  Oops!  I had better not tell you about the actual adventure, just in case I can salvage something for a future post.

What I can tell you is the following...  PEEP #1 MESSED UP BIG TIME!  (No mouses required.)

Nissy used to always say he had the worst IT support on the planet and let me tell you, I had never really believed him until yesterday but now I know for a fact that what he claimed was absolutely true.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning...

The other day, something really exciting happened at my house and I wanted to tell you all about it so I wrote the most amazing blog post to let you all in on this exciting event.  Then I called out, "Oh Peepers...  I need a few pictures for my blog post .  You want to whip up a paw full for me?"  Well the peep got working on those pictures right away.  She did act quite promptly, I have to give her that.

But then the next thing I knew, there was fur flying all over the place.  Okay it wasn't exactly fur.  It was more like hair.  Peep hair.  She was practically yanking it out of her head in frustration.  And there were some words said, too, which I will not repeat here as Nerissa's Life is a family-friendly blog but let me put it this way...   THEY WERE A WHOLE LOT STRONGER THAN MOUSES. MOUSES!

I tried to console the peep.  May I get you some coffee?  Tea?  Cake?

Now an offer of cake usually puts a gleam in Peep #1's eye but ever since I ordered those cakes on-line and offered her some, the gleam has been a bit dull.  You see, the peep thought I was offering her Black Forest Cake or Lemon Chiffon or something like that but really, they were fishcakes.  What did she expect?  I'm a cat.  I'm not allowed chocolate and I don't like lemon so of course I was going to go the fishcake route.  MOUSES!

Anyway, the peep turned down the coffee, tea and fishcakes.  I think she was looking for something stronger.

Apparently, the site Peep #1 always used when doing up pictures for Nissy has changed a whole whack of stuff.  She can't Google images to be used as stickers anymore or maybe she can but doesn't know how.

You've got to understand something about my first peep.  When it comes to technology, she's barely hanging on by a thread.  Even the smallest of changes can turn her world upside down and that thread she's hanging onto will snap in an instant.  She just can't take it.  She can't adapt.

But back to those pictures.  Peep #1 got to thinking and thought she had figured it out.  If she went to a second site she sometimes used, she could grab a picture of what she needed, there.  She knew she'd have to cut out the image to turn it into a sticker once back on the first site.  And she knew she'd have to do that every single time she wanted to use it. Not the best of situations but she figured she had no choice.

So after grabbing the image, the peep went back to the first site and started my picture all over again but alas, that image she had grabbed to make into a sticker?  It had gone missing!  Peep says it's somewhere in the computer in some unknown file or something but I'm thinking it took one look at her pulling out her hair and ran away as fast as it could.  The peep looked really scary.

Once resigned to not being able to use the stickers she had wanted to use, the peep went back to work on my picture, starting from the beginning, once more.  She then started working on making a sticker of me.

FIVE TIMES she had to cut out that picture of me.  FIVE TIMES!!!  In her frazzled state, she kept making mistakes.  Even the fifth attempt wasn't great but at least it was something.  MOUSES!

Eventually she ended up with this stupid picture of me alongside two measly little stickers.  The edges of my beautiful marmalade fur are all hazy because the peep wasn't seeing clearly due to the state she was in.  I think she was shedding a few tears.

Basically, the picture sucks.  Sucks big time.  It's the suckiest picture I ever have seen. MOUSES!

So I told the peep to take a break and come back to the picture-making later because I still needed at least another three of them, you see, and I was hoping they wouldn't suck as badly as the first.  I went outside for a stroll with her where I raced across the front yard and climbed right up the big linden tree.  Then I allowed her to assist in my decent as climbing up is always less scary than climbing back down.  Don't worry, I didn't make the peep climb the tree or anything.  She just had to reach up and grab me once I found my way to a low branch.  Then we went inside to get back to work.

And that's when there was no Internet connection.  MOUSES!

About half an hour later, the Internet was back on-line, as was the peep.  She briefly attempted a second picture but again, it just wasn't working.  Finally, she gave up.  What a peep.

Okay I will admit that even I was feeling sorry for the peep at this point.  I've never seen such a pathetic, despondent, bedraggled looking peep in my life.  She was a mess.

Beginning to feel a little sorry for myself, too, I went into the kitchen to see if there were any of those fishcakes left.  Nothing.  MOUSES!

So here I am, moping about on Canada Day, late afternoon.  I have no special Canada Day post. No nice pictures.  No adventure.  Basically, I have nothing.  Nothing but a technologically challenged peep.

Staring longingly out my office window, I can see that the sun is shining and it's a beautiful summer day.  I should be spending the afternoon munching on grilled burgers and sipping iced nip tea. Getting tummy rubs and ear scritches, too.  I SHOULD be enjoying this wonderful Canada Day afternoon.

But instead, I'm spending Canada Day in my office, typing up a blog post to use as a less-than-perfect, fill-in post because I can't use the good adventure one I planned to use. This is not how I had intended on spending Canada Day. MOUSES!

I sure do hope you're all having a way better Canada Day than I.  And I sure do hope that next year, I'll do better.  Maybe by then the peep will have figured out how to make me some pictures. MOUSES!