Wednesday, 26 July 2017

goin' camping



Well not really.

Truth be told, I'm not into the campin' very much.

Actually, to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothin' but the truth, I'm not into the campin' at all.  MOUSES!

Yeah, I`m more of an enjoyin'-the-comforts-of-home kinda kitty, for sure.

But I did make a tent!

Of course, the tent happened to be on a bed, inside of a house.

And it was made of 100% cotton sheets, along with a blankie or two.

And did I mention the pillows?  'Cause there were pillows involved.  Nice big fluffy ones, that had very recently been fluffed.

Like I said, I'm a kitty who enjoys the comforts of home.  MOUSES!

Let me tell you, if I have to choose between a bed with pillows and sheets, and a sleepin' bag, I'm gonna choose the bed every time.

But campin' gives you a chance to get out there and enjoy the fresh air, you say.



Actually, it was the peep who opened the window, but I was the one takin' advantage of it, for sure.

And I'll tell you what else I was takin' advantage of.  I was takin' advantage of the fact that no one had made the bed that day and that, my friends, is how I built my tent.  My tent built out of bedsheets and blankies and pillows and things.  MOUSES!

Oh yeah, I was right under the blankies and everythin'.  Right in there, snug as a bug in a rug.

Only I wasn't a bug.

And I was NOT in a rug.

But there were sheets and blankies and things.  Did I mention those?

Actually, there weren't any bugs.  Nope, there were no bugs allowed.  Not a single, solitary one.

Bugs are one of the things I don't like about campin', you see.  MOUSES!

But like I was sayin', I was under those blankies, all comfy and stuff, when...

When a peep came along and started disturbin' the peace.

"Seville!" she gasped.  "What are you doing under all those blankets in this terrible heat?  Are you crazy?  Are you confused?  Are you feeling okay?"

And havin' no answer to that - other than the obvious NO, of course - I emerged from my tent, onto the tentless part of the bed, and...

And my tent?


Yeah, right before my very eyes, the whole thing fell down.

Like a house of cards, some might even say.

Only, no cards were involved.

Only sheets and blankies and pillows and things.


Well it's a lesson learned, I think.  A learned lesson, for sure.

And let me tell you something.  If I'm ever gonna go campin' again, I'm gettin' a sign.  I'm gettin' a sign to put up on the door.  The door to my campsite. The campsite with a bed and bedsheets and blankies and pillows and things.

And my sign is gonna say...